Relaxation Buddies

A session run by a qualified aromatherapist, with over ten years experience of relaxation techniques. This session will you as an adult to relax better through: (and older children ,10 years with an adult))


Candle gazing

Breathing Techniques

Opportunity to create your own relaxation gift kit.

Currently available on Zoom as a group or as a private session or as a video to your inbox or purchase this via the website!
You can purchase Relaxation Buddies Session below:

Get Audio Session To Your Phone

Have a relaxation sent to your inbox if you are going to miss a session


Virtual Session For Weeks

Virtual sessions now available: £20 per 6-weeks block booking. Refer a friend and get a free session. Offers available for those on a low income, carer.


Using your at spa at home gift kit  Emma will also give you directions on how to carry out a self hand or head massage!

Happier Mummy, Daddy or Care-giver

If interested please contact Emma on 07913708419 or email me for more information: