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Holistic business run by Kearsley mum nominated for Bolton Health and Wellbeing award

Credit: By Liv Clarke  @liv_clarke_News Reporter

Emma King of Empathy Holistics

Emma King of Empathy Holistics

A mum from Kearsley who is making it her mission to help people relax has been nominated for a Bolton Health and Wellbeing award.

Empathy Holistics, which runs relaxation sessions for adults and children, is a finalist in the category of ‘Health and Wellbeing Coach 2020’ and is against six other business in the area.

Emma King founded the business in 2007 after studying complimentary therapies at the University of Salford. She wanted to combine her passion for aromatherapy with her desire to work with people.

The business runs different workshops for adults and children, and she frequently works with nurseries, community groups and organisations such as the Manchester Carer’s forum.

Describing herself as a ‘one-woman band’, she expanded her business by launching a handmade product line in 2014.

Emma said: “I feel very privileged that people feel supportive of my work and what I have achieved. It’s quite amazing, I definitely feel encouraged to carry on with what I set out to do.

“It can be difficult as an independent business going up against franchised companies and it can be hard to get noticed.

“This award allows me to stand out more and carry on with what I want to achieve.”

Being an industry which relies on social interaction has meant that Emma has had to adapt the business over recent months due to coronavirus.

She’s now running regular online sessions, greatly needed by those who are under more stress than usual.

Emma said: “I decided now’s the time to go virtual, because of coronavirus I’m not able to run my face to face sessions. But I’ve still been able to sell my handmade products, which I produce in a hygienic manner.

“I’ve been hosting relaxation sessions for adults over Zoom, we use visualisation techniques, meditation and I take people on a relaxation journey. I’m also offering private sessions for baby relaxation.

“Every Tuesday I do a Facebook live video too, it’s been amazing. This whole experience has been a whirlwind, taking the business online, updating my website and doing all this alongside home-schooling.

“The response has been great, there’s been 10 or more people in each session which has been really nice.I think especially right now relaxation is important.”

Emma has had to take up the task of home schooling her eight-year-old son. Motherhood and business is something she’s had to balance for a while, and she believes it’s a great example for him.

She said:”It’s been challenging. I think it shows my son that it anything is achievable in life if you just work hard. I have a lot of support from the Mums in Business Association, they have been very helpful with collaborations and advice.

“It can be quite difficult juggling everything but my husband is very supportive too.”

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