School Relax Buddies

This session was create with the mental health of children, teenagers, and teachers in mind! It can be run as an in-school activity or after school club! (Currently a virtual session) The session can be adapted for the different needs of those in the group!

A great way for kids to still their busy minds through:

  • Mindful crafts
  • Peer massage techniques
  • Breathing techniques
  • Bitesize meditations
  • Visualization stories
  • Journal writing

This session can also be used as a one to one for a child or teacher to help with calming down, behavior issues and anxiety!

Ages 4- adulthood

Currently available on Zoom as a group or as a private session or as a video to your inbox or purchase this via the website!

You can purchase a virtual School Relax Buddies Session Below:

School Relax Buddies (In-School)

(Maximum of 10 students and or teachers) Currently being offered as a virtual session and in line with government guidelines.


Virtual School Relax Buddies

This session is currently available to book half termly per child or staff member as a six week package. Included would be all resources and a material list for them to be able to create a mindful craft to take home or to create at home with a family member due to self-isolation.


After School Relax Buddies (Virtual))

A way of learning new ways to relax, mindful crafts and breathing techniques and peer/self help massage to uplift, calm and to refocus children.


Please call Emma for more information or to book your session now on 07913708419 or email me on!!!