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5 Top Tips To Create Calm with “Cubby the Bear Cub”

Cubby the Bear Cub loves to sit in his cozy den in the middle of the enchanted woodland. He likes to make a cup of your favorite warm drink – this could be tea, coffee, chocolate, herbal tea or juice. He then sits with… Continue Reading “5 Top Tips To Create Calm with “Cubby the Bear Cub””

“Relaxation Reindeer & The Magical Mountain”

Come on a calming adventure with “Relaxation Reindeer” as she walks up the “Magical Mountain” slowly and carefully and being mindful as she goes. Listen to the sounds a small stream flowing down the mountainside as she walks further up the mountain pathway. Smell… Continue Reading ““Relaxation Reindeer & The Magical Mountain””

Baby Buddies & You With Emma & Ellie

“Baby Buddies & You” is all about nurturing you, the parents through a calming session with “Emma and Ellie” incorporating baby massage and parent yoga helping you to bond with your child.  But also focusing on your little one’s development and social interaction through… Continue Reading “Baby Buddies & You With Emma & Ellie”

The Buddies Top Five Tips For Cooling Down This Summer

Keep hydrated with water, juice, or iced tea (We are going to try cooling peppermint tea), try and get through 3-4 large water bottles a day!!  Eating snacks that are high in water levels is good as well: cucumber, watermelon, oranges etc.!!  And lots… Continue Reading “The Buddies Top Five Tips For Cooling Down This Summer”


Whether it be toddler life, teen life, or child melt downs the therapeutic properties of specific essential oils can help our children to develop coping strategies against those big emotions. For example, the feeling of happiness, excitement, anger, frustration, anxiety, or loss. Below is… Continue Reading “AROMATHERAPY FOR BIG EMOTIONS”

Back To School with Create Calm Buddies

Whether your children have been looking forward to going back to school, or maybe they have not?  It is another change for them and the whole family.  Although this time it is hopefully a positive experience.  Some children/ and adults can find change a… Continue Reading “Back To School with Create Calm Buddies”

How to Calm yourself down

Five tips to help you calm down this weekend Listen to some uplifting music, find a band that you have never heard of before. You may find a tune which helps you to feel uplifted and may well calm you down at the same… Continue Reading “How to Calm yourself down”

Five Calming Down Crafts For Kids In The Classroom At Home or In School!

Ever felt like each day is the same at the moment? Maybe you are working from home, homeschooling, working or all three. The kids and the parents are all getting at each other. Why not try my tried and tested calming down crafts for… Continue Reading “Five Calming Down Crafts For Kids In The Classroom At Home or In School!”

Pumpkin Spice And All Things Nice

Lotions and potions ….. a collection of festive treats to suit the whole family. For all those people who you haven’t seen in a while or for those that just need a bit of TLC. If you can’t find what you are looking for… Continue Reading “Pumpkin Spice And All Things Nice”

Wellness Package – Monthly – £150

Encourage your staff to take time to calm down, uplift their senses and refocus their minds on the job in hand! I have over ten year’s experience of reducing stress levels in organisations. 1 hour relaxation/ aromatherapy workshop For up to 20 staff Run… Continue Reading “Wellness Package – Monthly – £150”