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Calm Down & Re-Focus

Over the past few days I have been looking back over the past year. Empathy Holistics has certainly evolved from having human interaction into a virtual business. Although my face to face sessions had to close down last year, I was able to create… Continue Reading “Calm Down & Re-Focus”

Aroma Buddies Session

Hello World, I haven’t written anything in a while on my blog, so I thought during this lock down period I would try to focus more on my business.  Business time has become more vital and sparse; mainly due to catching small pockets of… Continue Reading “Aroma Buddies Session”

Empathy Buddies

Emma has created several new relaxation sessions this year! Each session is age appropriate and incorporates breathing techniques, stretching, massage and mindful crafts: Aroma Buddies (Treatments and Handmade products) Baby Buddies (0-18 months) Creative Buddies (adults 16+) Calm Buddies (18 months to 3. 5… Continue Reading “Empathy Buddies”