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Autumnal Calm & Cosy

Is it really October!? I’m not sure how that happened!! It’s practically the end of the year. Or you could look on it as a way of started afresh!! Autumn can be a chance to change old habits and take on some new ones!… Continue Reading “Autumnal Calm & Cosy”

Calm Down & Re-Focus

Over the past few days I have been looking back over the past year. Empathy Holistics has certainly evolved from having human interaction into a virtual business. Although my face to face sessions had to close down last year, I was able to create… Continue Reading “Calm Down & Re-Focus”

Aromatherapy, Parents and Tots!

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils (natural aromas) to aid the treatment of stress and medical conditions alongside conventional medicines. Essential oils each have a property which enables us as aromatherapist’s to re-balance the physical, emotional and mental health levels of an individual.… Continue Reading “Aromatherapy, Parents and Tots!”