Buddies Calming Crafts

While home schooling our son, I have seen a difference in his mood due to positive affirmations and calming down craft activities.

Happiness jar and a mindful spinner

Hence I wanted to bring a session to every family or organisation that could be tailored to your own requirements. While also utilising material and objects you might find in your own arts and craft box at home.

Enabling children to; calm down, uplift their senses and refocus their mind after a busy day.

We enjoyed making: “howler” positive chatter boxes, chillout jars and aroma-dough to name but a few. Five Calming Down Crafts For Kids

Children need a parent in the room, and for maybe cutting things out. But other than that you can sit back and enjoy a calming cuppa☕️

This session would be run via Zoom for 30 minute and would include a simple craft (4-10 years) relaxation technique and some basic stretches! A bitesize calming down craft session. Great for after a long day at school or at “home-school” 😊

Special offers available for more than 1 child and holiday/ term time offers available too.

😉Be your own “calming down” super hero today! 🌈

“Emma has such a calming voice I feel relaxed as does my children after a session of calming paper crafts” Anonymous Parent