Buddies Relaxation Stories

The Buddies are looking forward to taking you on relaxation adventures through bitesize stories, breathing techniques and how to implement peer massage within your family or organisation.

Introducing the Empathy Holistic Buddies, come on our relaxation adventures!
Follow the Buddies as they journey through magical meditations to help you to calm down, uplift your mood and refocus your mind.

Here is the first episode from Relaxation Reindeer, join them as they take you on a mountain adventure story. Breathe in the calming, fresh mountain air and breathe out the busyness from your day:

The next episode of the ‘Buddies’ adventures is ready to experience:

The Buddies Calm Adventures (Trailer) The Buddies Calm Adventures

  1. The Buddies Calm Adventures (Trailer)
  2. Relaxation River (Baby Buddies Spa)
  3. Cubby The Bear Cub
  4. Rainbow with Chillout the penguin
  5. Relaxation Reindeer -Mountain