Baby Buddies

Baby Buddies is currently being run as a virtual session on Google Meets or Zoom! Face to face sessions to be arranged!!


What is included in the Baby Buddies session?

Baby Buddies is a unique way of bonding with your baby and making new friends at the same time. While taking time out as a parent in a unique setting amongst the penine hills at Chetham Farm Retreat!

Baby Buddies is all about integrating massage and songs. While experiencing puppets and multi-sensory play to aid development of your baby! It is a unique session as Emma can adapt the session to suit your and your baby’s needs!!

Testimonial- Kind words by those who have attended Emma’s session:

“Amazing Baby Buddies session with Emmy today at Chetham Farm Retreat. My little man loved it and slept for 2h afterwards aa he was so relaxed. Can’t wait for next week. A lovely chance to chill and chat with the other lovely mummies and babies.”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I attended this class for the first time with my 2nd born child today. I didn’t know how to massage and thus decided I wanted to attend a class to learn and also to engage with my little one.
My baby and I really enjoyed it and hope to continue developing our skills with Emma and the venue at on Chetham farm was just lovely, the couple who own it are really very inviting and kind and I must say we look forward to coming again.”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A great way to relax in the comfort of your own home, while creating lasting friendships!

Currently available on Zoom as a group or as a private session or as a video to your inbox or purchase this via the website!

You can purchase Baby Buddies Session Below:

Purchase 4 Weeks Virtual Baby Buddies Sessions

You will get 30 minutes each week till 4 weeks. Think you might miss a session! Don’t worry have one sent to your inbox to use at your own convenience!





Virtual Session 20 Minutes sent to your inbox

Are you xoming off your maternity leave? You don’t want to miss out on a session. Why not get one sent to your phone! Or pay for your own one-to one session allowing your partner to attend with you and siblings!




Purchase Online Session Baby Shower Gift Kit

Purchase Online Session Baby Shower Gift Kit You will get 30 minutes online session each a week till 4 weeks includes baby gift kit.


If interested please contact Emma on 07913708419 or email me for more information: