Baby Buddies Spa

Baby Buddies Spa is all about nurturing you, the parents so you can feel pampered
and nurtured through your parenthood journey.

Baby Buddies Spa is easily adapted to meet the varying needs of you as a parent and to meet the needs of your baby.  “Happy parent, happier baby” Using a variety of massage and yogic techniques, my aim is that you and baby will be able to:

Feel more relaxed

Go home with a toolkit of relaxation techniques

Help to stimulate and calm your baby

Increasing your child’s development and co-ordination.

Help you to feel part of a parenting community for support and friendship

As part of the spa experience I have also created a gift set to help you and baby
enjoy the session whether in person or virtually! which will include:

A small gift and teabag for you

Sensory Scarves

Sensory Ball

A gift for baby