5 Top Tips To Create Calm with “Cubby the Bear Cub”

Cubby the Bear Cub loves to sit in his cozy den in the middle of the enchanted woodland. He likes to make a cup of your favorite warm drink – this could be tea, coffee, chocolate, herbal tea or juice. He then sits with his drink breathing in and breathing out. Long and controlled breathes. When he breathes in with it all the calm and positive thoughts. Breathing out all the tiredness and busyness in his life. Click the link below to hear more ways to create calm in your life!

The next top tip from Cubby would be to create your favorite uplifting tunes as a positive mindset playlist. This would be great on those difficult days; but also as enjoyment while you work or chill. One of our links can help you choose more upbeat tunes for you and your family/organization to enjoy. Singing is a great way to increase the natural happy hormone inside of all of us. and decrease the adrenaline which adds to our fight or flight response. https://www.soulsingerscic.com/

Don’t feel the way the little boy feels in the picture above. Please find a moment in your daily lives to be more like Cubby the bear cub wants to help you all to create your own calm ongoing. He also says he loves being mindful when in the enchanted woodland. So if you can just take a moment to get out into the great outdoors or simply open a window. Take in what you can see, what you can hear, what you can taste, what you can touch and what you can hear? This will slow down your heart rate and increase your feeling of calm and relaxation throughout your mind, body and soul!

“Me-Time” whatever age you are we all need time to ourselves so that we can grow and develop! Cubby the bear loves to take some time each week to create a calming ambience in his bear den. Using fairy lights, an oil diffuser and dimmed lighting. He then puts his favorite tunes on his uplifting, yet relaxing playlist. Pops his eye mask on and starts to breathe in his handmade oil blend (in diffuser), while experiencing a self-help head massage which he learnt on one of the Spa Buddies @Home sessions. He gets so excited each month as Create Calm Buddy sends him out a wellness gift box in the post1 And there’s a different theme each month. He doesn’t need to be in as it fits through his letterbox.

Cubby the bear cub’s final top tip would be to ‘Find Your Tribe’ he has the Meet The Buddies and all the amazing friends he has met through the past two years with the Buddies Links it is so important to be around people or animals that lift us high and nurture us when we need support on a daily basis. Working from home, being a new parent or just generally being you can get difficult sometimes. But with the help of the other Buddies; Cubby finds he can cope better with anything that gets thrown in his direction.

We find new parents and those becoming parents again struggle with this on a daily basis for support and finding their feet. So Cubby the bear cub and friends have created Baby Buddies & You With Emma & Ellie to help you on your parenting journey and to help create more calm in your lives. We have also linked with the amazing Lianne https://www.mummyandmeonline.com/about-mummy-me and Nicky from https://blossomingbumpsandbabies.co.uk/about/

We want to help you to “create your own calm” on a daily basis, we hope all these top tips have helped you and your family or organization (Create Calm Classrooms) please let us know whether these tips have helped by commenting below this post!

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