“Relaxation Reindeer & The Magical Mountain”

Come on a calming adventure with “Relaxation Reindeer” as she walks up the “Magical Mountain” slowly and carefully and being mindful as she goes.

  • Listen to the sounds a small stream flowing down the mountainside as she walks further up the mountain pathway.
  • Smell the fresh mountain air, the sweet-smelling flowers.
  • Touch the cold dew from the morning, the soft leaves on the trees.
  • See how far you can see.  Relaxation the Reindeer can see mountains, rivers as far as her eye can see.
  • Taste a warm drink, think about how it smells, tastes and how it makes you feel inside.

 Please click this link to experience a bitesize create calm classroom session online with Emma and Relaxation the Reindeer: https://youtu.be/KirRIIx5-C4 

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