Baby Buddies & You With Emma & Ellie

“Baby Buddies & You” is all about nurturing you, the parents through a calming session with “Emma and Ellie” incorporating baby massage and parent yoga helping you to bond with your child.  But also focusing on your little one’s development and social interaction through sensory play, stories, music, and movement.

Please use this link to experience bitesize session of Baby Buddies & You:

We will incorporate a lot of activities to help you to “create your own calm” within your own family. Parent and Baby Yoga, Children’s Yoga and Parent Calm.  This session is easily adapted to meet the varying needs of you as a parent and to meet the needs of your baby.

But if you are not local, do not worry as we have a thriving online community offering you a holistic approach to parenting.  We have collaborated with other health professionals to bring you even more information on pre/post-natal fitness and nutrition.  Singing for wellbeing, postnatal practioner advice and sleep advice for you and your family!! To become a member of this very welcoming community for busy parents! Please click this link for more info and join in:

 Baby Buddies & You | Facebook

“Create Your Own Calm” at home Chill-out the penguins favourite Baby Buddies & You gift kit for you and your baby! Baby Buddies Box – Folksy

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