“Create your Own Calm this Christmas”

The festive season is a joyous occasion, but it can also lead to over-whelm and anxiety for some people. This post will help to “spread the calm and sparkle this Christmas time” in five easy tips.

  • Choose to go outdoors

Spend time in the great outdoors this will not only help your physical fitness, but it will help to increase the happy hormones that move around our bodies. The great outdoors is a great way to practice mindfulness. Taking in the squirrels running from tree to tree, The color and movement of the river. The sound of the birds singing.

  • Daily relaxation techniques

A lot of people think they don’t have time to implement relaxation into their day. But to reduce the feeling of overwhelm it is important that we can all practice short bitesize breathing and relaxation techniques, which are easy to apply to everyone’s daily lives. Even if you are working remotely, shift work or a busy parent at home; maybe you are both?!! Check out this link to help you on your way this festive season: Create Calm Adults!

  • Plan gifts and visitors early

Create a list of those people that you may need to get presents for. It really doesn’t matter how much you spend on gifts it’s the thought that counts. You can always use your creative spark and give a ‘handmade gift’ this year. Christmas is all about the giving of gifts and not the receiving of gifts.

It is ‘OK’ for you to decide what type of Christmas you would like and then plan in others to visit between Christmas and New Year.

  • Create an uplifting playlist

Creating a playlist for different emotions or situations in life has really helped me, so I see no reason why it can’t help you too. Some ideas of the types of playlists that could help your mental, emotional, and mental bodies: uplifting, calming, feel good etc. It is also a way of increasing endorphins (happy hormones) into our blood system and making us feel happier and leading to a health you as well.

  • Make time for ‘you’ and Essential oils

Certain oils can help to calm, uplift and refocus our bodies and our minds.  To name but a few which could be useful this festive season. For warmth try ginger, cinnamon and clove; To chill more you could try frankincense, sandalwood and lavender.  For an uplifting blend try orange, lemon, and eucalyptus. Revive your mind using peppermint, tea tree and eucalyptus. To help you further please have a look at this link:


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