The Buddies Top Five Tips For Cooling Down This Summer

  • Keep hydrated with water, juice, or iced tea (We are going to try cooling peppermint tea), try and get through 3-4 large water bottles a day!!  Eating snacks that are high in water levels is good as well: cucumber, watermelon, oranges etc.!!  And lots of ice-lollies; you can create your own so you know how much sugar will be in them!!
  • Take a cold (hot) water bottle to bed with you or an ice block wrapped in a t-towel.  Dampen a t-towel and place it over a chair near to (not too close to) a room fan.  This will reduce the temperature in the house.
  • Have a regular time outdoors in a shaded part of the garden or go for a walk through a woodland.

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