Calm & Create Buddies

*Pre-Launch**** Hope you are all well? Hope you don’t mind me adding you to this group! Please leave if it’s not for you 😉 you’ve all showed an interest in this new creation of mine which I am very appreciative Emmy King has created a way to help children and parents to calm, uplift and refocus better together as a family or individually. Whether you are in the house, away on holiday. Whether it be a summers day or in the bleak winter months. Bringing together my own experience as a mummy and qualified aromtherapist, peer massage instructor and (new) Children’s Yoga instructor. Come on a ‘Calming-Down Adventure’ with the Empathy Holistic Buddies (Aroma-Buddies (Calming Connections) while creating your own sense of calm in this beautiful A5 kids ‘Calm & Create’ notebook. Helping your child (Ages 4-12 years) to ‘self-soothe’ through a variety of fun, magical and imaginative ways. Enabling them to place their thoughts and positive experiences down as pictures or bullet journaling! Helping them to reduce their stress levels, anxieties and frustrations. 😍Mindful craft ideas 😊Breathing Techniques 🤩Yoga stretches and peer massage 🤩Relaxation Stories “Follow the ‘calming down adventure’ map from the tops of the Magical mountain through to the relaxation river!” Available to pre-order now to have in time for the summer….. holidays Price: £9.99 Please contact me for more information Images designed by Holly Taylor Wellness Mummy

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