Whether it be toddler life, teen life, or child melt downs the therapeutic properties of specific essential oils can help our children to develop coping strategies against those big emotions. For example, the feeling of happiness, excitement, anger, frustration, anxiety, or loss. Below is a survival kit for all parents for their children and or for the parents as well. Essential oils need to be placed in a base oil or lotion before use.  And only in a very small proportion before using with children and teenagers.  Please speak to a trained aromatherapist before using essential oils! Peppermint – To help refocus their minds to bring them back to the moment when they may feel lost or confused about a situation.  For example, an adult saying “no” to a question and they do not understand why its that answer. If they are having trouble focussing on homework tasks you could diffuse a couple of drops of this oil, or they can have some on a tissue to smell when needed. Chamomile – Peter Rabbit’s moto, his nerves are calmed by “A hot cup of chamomile tea helped calm me”, and it might do the same for you as a parent. Studies have found that chamomile is a mild sedative that seems to be safe for children of all ages. (It may trigger an allergic reaction, however, especially if a child is sensitive to ragweed) With children you might like to put into a blend with lavender to help soothe them when they are anxious or if they can’s sleep for any reason.  Calmative on the mind and the body. Lavender – helps to calm down and can have a soothing effect on their mind, body, and soul. A useful oil to have on a piece of cotton wool pad inside your child’s pillowcase at night.  Or they could carry some on a handkerchief to school to help relax them before a big test or exam. Vetiveris known as the oil of tranquility and, when combined with lavender, promotes enduring emotional balance. This could be a helpful oil to use in small amounts with children after a melt-down to help rebalance them again. Aromatherapy, Parents and Tots!

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