Back To School with Create Calm Buddies

Whether your children have been looking forward to going back to school, or maybe they have not?  It is another change for them and the whole family.  Although this time it is hopefully a positive experience.  Some children/ and adults can find change a little worrying or uncomfortable.  They may have anxiety or concerns.  This is totally normal; it is part of being human and is totally natural.  Ways to help your child’s experience of going back to school easier and smoother.Talk to other parents and plan for them to be in the queue outside school at the same time as you.

  1. Try placing a small familiar picture or keyring in their book bags or attach onto backpacks; a great way to ground your child before going into school but when they are in school. Great for younger children.  But also good for teenagers as they do not need to feel it is uncool, they may need more grounding and balancing than younger children. A sense of comfort!
  2. Affirmations have helped our child greatly through the past couple of months.  He was given a book by one of our best friends where you have an affirmation a day. He likes to check his book each day.  Some examples of the affirmations he has experienced:  I am brave, I am courageous, I am positive, I am growing, Listen to yourself and the sounds around you….
  3. Smile, even though your children and you may not feel like smiling.  This will have a positive effect on their physical, emotional, and mental selves, allowing them to feel better. And those around them as well!!

    Check this link out for more ways to help your child to relax after school:

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