Five Calming Down Crafts For Kids In The Classroom At Home or In School!

Ever felt like each day is the same at the moment? Maybe you are working from home, homeschooling, working or all three. The kids and the parents are all getting at each other. Why not try my tried and tested calming down crafts for kids. Positivity Jar/ Box – find an old jar or box. Get the kids to decorate it and then cute long rectangular strips of coloured paper or card and write a daily affirmation on each. Then roll or fold up the affirmation and place in the jar. Remember to take an affirmation out each day “you are your own hero”Buddies Calming Crafts Magical chillout Jar – try to find a plastic jar or bottle. (If you only have a glass jar you can use those but younger kids wouldn’t be able to use it) fill the jar up half way with water. Add glitter, sequins, small models ie Lego men, dinosaurs or fairies. Then put the tip of the jar or bottle back on and secure in place. You can use glue on the inside of the jar and then attach some waterproof tape around the jar lid to make sure it is fully secure.
Mindful Spinner – cut out a hexagonal shape or triangle out of card. The write positive words like “hope” “calm” on each corner. Then pierce the middle of the shape with a pencil. ( you may need help from an adult) Then leaving the pencil in the centre of the spinner, spin it and see which word it lands on. Try to use the word in your daily life to help you to feel calmer and more positive. Rainbow feel good mobile – cut out several long rectangular strips of coloured tissue paper or paper. Then draw a cloud shape on some card or paper. Then write on the cloud I am positive when….. then on each strip of coloured paper or tissue paper write a word that allows you to feel happy. It could be something you like to see, taste, hear, touch or smell. Once you’ve done this hang it up in your room so you can see it every morning and every night. Wellbeing Chatter Box “howler” – first of all get a square piece of paper. Then fold all the corners into the middle. Turn over your square so the corners you’ve just folded in are underneath! Then fold each corner in again to the centre of the square. Once you’ve done this you should then be able to fold your square width ways into a rectangle ! Use a finger to prod the centre of the square downwards so you can fit a finger and thumb under the two squares which have been formed! Then you can place your favourite colours on each of the squares. Under each flap you can write a positive self care statement like “be kind to yourself” on the top of each triangular shape you can write a number or a letter.
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