5 Hacks To Summer Relaxation

This summer Emma has found her self to become too hot with all this warm weather we have been experiencing (not complaining) So Emma has decided to give you her top five hacks for staying cool and chilled out this summer!

1. Keep a bottle or jug of juice or water in the fridge! So you can keep your skin hydrated!

2. Take some time to relax in a shaded area of the garden or in a cooler area of the house, maybe you could plug yourself into some restful or uplifting music! Or why not read a book, paint or carry out some yoga poses!

3. To cool down at night, wrap a cool block in a towel which is straight from the freezer and place in your bed about 20 mins before you get in! You can also do this for young children as well or fill up a “hot” water bottle with cooler cold water!

4. Cooling head wraps which can be kept in the fridge and a way of cooling your head down reducing stressed out tense neck and head muscles! Most can be adjusted using the strap at the pack of the scalp! So you can wear it while you work or rest!

5. Keep cool wearing floaty material and breathable cotton items! Have peppermint in massage blend form, as a tea or as a cooling infusion in your water bottle! You could also add ice! This will help to re-focus your mind, reduce headaches and keep your whole body cool!cover

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