10 Ways To Relax Better As A Family

Look no further than these 10 tips to more relaxation time in your family lives or in your life! A relaxed parent has a ripple effect to their child.

Especially as we celebrate Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week.

1. Read a book 2. Make a cup of tea, hold it and give yourself a warm hug! 3. Try yoga or even just take 5 minutes lying on your yoga mat! 4. Go for a woodland walk 5. Enjoy some time listening to an upbeat playlist 6. Create a Zen Den space for you to chill out in! This could be an indoor tent, corner of a room. Create space for you to breathe! 7. Practice deep breathing! Look up ‘Balloon Breathing’ ‘Hot Chocolate Breathing’ 8. Paint a picture, a rock or a sun catcher! 9. Colouring! Pick up an adult colouring book 10. Learn a new craft or game as a family! Please let me know if you have any tried and tested ways to relax. Maybe you could share them with me! By commenting below.  

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