Aromatherapy, Parents and Tots!

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils (natural aromas) to aid the treatment of stress and medical conditions alongside conventional medicines.

Essential oils each have a property which enables us as aromatherapist’s to re-balance the physical, emotional and mental health levels of an individual.

During pregnancy, birth and beyond aromatherapy and or massage can be used to reduce certain infant and childhood conditions.  By using massage this can increase the bond between parent and or caregiver of a child. It can reduce colic, constipation and indigestion. It can also aid natural sleep patterns.

As an aromatherapist with over ten years experience, I have been working with a variety of people for example families and different organisations (Manchester Carers Forum) I set up and created Baby Relax, Relax Time for tots and Relaxation Explorers (school-aged children and those with SEN) in Bolton two years ago to enable families to relax better together.

Sarah Greenough 27 September 2016 :

Brill class! Loved learning about baby massage my little boy now has a massage before or after his bath every day and it helps him relax before we put him to bed. Thank you, Emma

Helen Carlin reviewed Empathy Holistics 17 August 2016 :  Loved our first baby massage class. It was great meeting the other mummies for a chat and baby interaction. Emma was fab, can’t wait for next week

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