New Sessions

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Emma King and I am a qualified aromatherapist in Bury/ Bolton area.  I have created three sessions to help children and adults relax together; Baby Relax (0-8months) Relax time (9 months – 3 years) & Relaxation Explorers (nursery/preschool age children) using multi sensory activities to help them experience the world around them. Focussing on the 5 senses I am able to create bespoke packages to suit different organisations and their group’s needs.

I have also created Calm & Create for adults to help them rekax through creating their own tailor-made product kit, learn a simple hand or head massage and learn about aromatherapy.

Baby Relax
when you become a new parent, guardian or carer for the first time or for the second, third time; it is always important to be able to relax together with your baby. As this time together is precious as so quickly babies will grow up.  There are also a lot alterations needed in our own lives when a new baby comes along with this may bring unwanted stress. Baby Relax wants to allow you to feel in control, uplifted and I want to equip you with some new ideas that may help your child relax more not only as an infant but throughout their childhood.

 I wanted to create a course that would incorporate:

·       A few simple baby massage techniques

·       Relaxation techniques for the adults

·       Educate parents about different ways to alleviate childhood conditions i.e. colic, baby eczema, sleep patterns.

Relax Time

Relax Time involves children and parents coming together to relax through multi-sensory activities to include parachute play, bubbles, song and massage, messy play experiences and many more! This session also aids hand/eye co-ordination, speech development and social interaction for each child.

Calm & Create
A calming session for a group of friends, baby shower, hen party or any community group whoa re interested in learning about aromatherapy, massage and making their own products for their own use.

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