What Parents Say About My Sessions

Here are a few lovely testimonials written by some of my amazing parents who have or are attending my Baby Relax (baby massage sessions) or my Relax Time sessions:

Emma runs lovely, relaxed sessions which I can genuinely say I enjoy as much as my little boy! We went to baby massage for over 6 months and I looked forward to it every week. My son is now 16 months and loves the relax time sessions which Emma runs. All of her classes have been a perfect mix of sensory time and relaxation plus the chance to meet and chat with other parents. Thanks Emma!

We have loved baby massage. Havana now has a massage every night before bed she really enjoys it and it relaxes her for bedtime. Thank you Emma for teaching me how to do it properly. Was also lovely meeting other mums and babies X

Thea and I have been coming to Emma’s baby massage group for a few weeks now. Thea would fuss through any other baby groups but she seems to really enjoy baby massage. It is a lovely group and I would recommend it to anyone.

I have been bringing Scarlett to Emma’s sessions since she was around twelve weeks old and she is now nearly nine months. We started with Baby Massage and went onto Relax Time as she got older.
The sessions have been fun, interactive and informative. We have also enjoyed meeting other parents and babies each week.
I would definitely recommend Emma’s sessions and look forward to attending them again should Baby number two ever happen. �
Thank you Emma! xx

“Thank you to all my parents and babies/ toddlers for making my sessions fantastic and fun!”

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