Relaxation Summer Camp

“Relaxation Summer Camp” All age fun so you can all learn as a family relax better and to help kids get out into the fresh air more this summer! Create crafts, follow along with a virtual relaxation adventure, Emma at Empathy Holistic Buddies this year!  Her first ever “Relaxation Camp for young people” “Dear All, thank you for following me this summer with my very first relaxation camp.  Come with me as I walk through enchanted woodlands, jump over stepping-stones along a relaxation river.  Fly through rainbows and bounce along clouds filling our lungs with air and positivity.  And then sailing in a boat down restful waterfalls of calm.  I am looking forward to working with you all and your families, best wishes Emma & Empathy Holistic Buddies”

Emma is a mum and qualified aromatherapist with over 12 years of working with a variety of people, for more info please click on:

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