Friday Feeling!!

I cannot believe it is Friday again, a week has gone by so quickly! Today I have been lucky enough to be able to focus on what helps me to relax and reduces my stress, anxiety or worry; my love of CRAFTING!

I am aware that my breathing slows down, my mind becomes empty and I only think about the craft project in front of me. 21743579_346107262469412_1647531571174684757_o

I have also been thinking this week that I should take some time to practice more yoga during the week! I am planning to put this into my weekly routine from next week to help calm me down and to help me focus on tasks ahead.

I am also blessed today to be able to take our little boy Benjamin to his swimming lesson after school, I find the restful movement of the water very therapeutic! Maybe I should get a small water feature or have the sounds of nature around me in my daily life.  After all I really enjoyed my three mile ‘health walk’ this week around the trails in Clifton Country park.


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