Create Calm & Recovery

This week myself and Benjamin have been hit by what I think was  a type of stomach flu.  I have found that I have reached for my collection of essential oils.  They are my little friends and in a crisis I do tend to reach for them more.  We started with ‘magical’ peppermint oil administered in the form of a daily massage; mainly on the stomach area, which helped to reduce the nausea.

Benjamin has had aromatherapy massage since  birth!! He tends to ask for more massages when he is feeling poorly.  I wonder if this is because it helps him feel better.  Like it does me too!!!

To reduce diarrhoea and stomach cramps I created a blend using marjoram and thyme both of these herbs have antibacterial and antiviral calmatives, which is why I feel as though his symptoms were better on the second day.

I was really enjoying and was one of the only tea’s I could cope with was ginger chai.  The calming effects of cinnamon, fennel seed, ginger, black peppercorns and cardamom really helped me to feel more like ‘me’ again.

I don’t want to make any guarentees or try to sell you any products that I would not use myself.  shop

Please do leave me a message as I love feedback.  Thank you for all your support

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