“Relaxation Summer Camp”

All age fun, using imagination and crafts to relax better as a family!  Let’s send our children back to school feeling happier and healthier in mind, body and soul!

Create crafts follow a relaxation map with a virtual relaxation adventure,

Follow Emma and the Empathy Holistic Buddies in their debut “Relaxation Summer Camp for young people”

“Dear All, thank you for following me this summer with my very first relaxation camp.  Come with me as I walk through enchanted woodlands, jump over stepping-stones along a relaxation river.  Fly along rainbows and bounce along clouds filling our lungs with air and positivity.  Calmly sit next to the waterfall of dreams.  I am looking forward to working with you all and your families, best wishes Emma & Empathy Holistic Buddies”

Emma is a mum and qualified aromatherapist with over 12 years of working with a variety of people, for more info please click on: www.empathyholistics.co.uk

You can purchase Summer Camp Session Below:

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Four relaxation maps to help your relax as a family.

An affirmation activity sheet which connects with a relaxation map incorporates massage techniques, simple craft ideas to keep kids occupied (how to links)and breathing techniques!

Link to four online bite-size sessions with Emma @ Empathy Holistic Buddies
A completion certificate for each family (an achievement you can all take into school when you go back).

Entrance into a private “Facebook group”, get your adult to post about your adventures and creations!

Emailed to your inbox, so you can use this when you need entertainment!


Empathy Holistics has recently created a gorgeous range of hand-blended aromatherapy products to suit your individual needs.

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Enchanted Woodland

Magical Rainbow

Waterfall Of Dreams

Relaxation River

Virtual Relaxation summer Camp For Young People

Empathy Holistic Buddies have been working hard to set up a virtual summer camp package for families involving a relaxation adventure along rainbows, stepping stone fun, imagining magical waterfalls and family walks through enchanted woodland! To help you entertain the kids this summer Emma has given you lots of ideas of how you can use massage, breathing techniques and mindful crafts to help you to relax better as a family!!

Lets send our children back to school happy and healthy in mind, body and soul!

If you are interested in more information, please contact Empathy Holistic Buddies:

This virtual summer camp is £10 per family and runs over the entire summer holidays! It would be emailed to your in box so you can use at your leisure!!

5 Hacks To Summer Relaxation

This summer Emma has found her self to become too hot with all this warm weather we have been experiencing (not complaining) So Emma has decided to give you her top five hacks for staying cool and chilled out this summer!

1. Keep a bottle or jug of juice or water in the fridge! So you can keep your skin hydrated!

2. Take some time to relax in a shaded area of the garden or in a cooler area of the house, maybe you could plug yourself into some restful or uplifting music! Or why not read a book, paint or carry out some yoga poses!

3. To cool down at night, wrap a cool block in a towel which is straight from the freezer and place in your bed about 20 mins before you get in! You can also do this for young children as well or fill up a “hot” water bottle with cooler cold water!

4. Cooling head wraps which can be kept in the fridge and a way of cooling your head down reducing stressed out tense neck and head muscles! Most can be adjusted using the strap at the pack of the scalp! So you can wear it while you work or rest!

5. Keep cool wearing floaty material and breathable cotton items! Have peppermint in massage blend form, as a tea or as a cooling infusion in your water bottle! You could also add ice! This will help to re-focus your mind, reduce headaches and keep your whole body cool!cover


A 10% deposit for school and nursery sessions will need to be placed A week before the session commence date. Should you be unable to attend a class for any reason please give at least 48 hours notice or no refund will be given for that specific session! If due to an emergency situation this will be negotiated with Emma
Should a tailor-made kit be cancelled a 20% of the total price will be taken and the rest will be refunded to the Customer!

Parent Buddies

Purchase Audio Relaxation To Your Phone

Purchase Audio Relaxation To Your Phone

You will get relaxation audio straight to your phone.


Please call Emma for more information or to book your session now on 07913708419 or email me on empathyholistics@hotmail.com!!!


Aroma Buddies

Irene Morgan  recommends Empathy Holistics.

4 July 2019 · 

I bought the Ramblers foot cream and it’s amazing. Smells lovely and my feet are really soft.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Baby Buddies

Mandy Worsley  recommends Empathy Holistics.

16 September 2019 · 

Amazing baby bear relax session with Emmy today at Chetham Farm retreat. My little man loved it and slept for 2h afterwards aa he was so relaxed. Can’t wait for next week. Also a lovely chance to chill and chat with the other lovely mummies and babies.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Calming Down Buddies

Jennie Morgan Was Bradshaw  recommends Empathy Holistics.

17 September 2019 · 

Emma has just started doing this session with the 3 and 4 year olds in our nursery to support our mindfulness approach. We have been very impressed in how well she engages the children and how enthusiastic and excited the children are about doing the session. Emma is very professional and has been reliable throughout organising these sessions.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Creative Buddies

Alex Bhutta  recommends Empathy Holistics.

4 April 2019 · 

Emma came today to do an aromatherapy massage. Emma mixed oils to try and ease some side effects of my health conditions…I can see a difference even after one session the pain has eased. It was bliss I was totally relaxed. I will be booking in again soon xx

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Mindful Buddies

Parent Buddies

Relaxation Buddies:

Elizabeth Garrett Hardy  recommends Empathy Holistics.

8 April 2020 · 

Thanks Emma for that relaxing session on Zoom – I feel a lot better about the world right now after that. Would recommend for anyone feeling anxious about stuff right now.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

10 Ways To Relax Better As A Family

PhotoCollage_20200229_171256526What a time we are in! Having trouble relaxing or managing to get some ‘me-time’ ? Look no further than these 10 tips to more relaxation time in your family lives or in your life! A relaxed parent has a ripple effect to their child.

Especially as we celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week.

1. Read a book

2. Make a cup of tea, hold it and give yourself a warm hug!

3. Try yoga or even just take 5 minutes lying on your yoga mat!

4. Go for a woodland walk

5. Enjoy some time listening to an upbeat playlist

6. Create a Zen Den space for you to chill out in! This could be an indoor tent, corner of a room. Create space for you to breathe!

7. Practice deep breathing! Look up ‘Balloon Breathing’ ‘Hot Chocolate Breathing’

8. Paint a picture, a rock or a sun catcher!

9. Colouring! Pick up an adult colouring book

10. Learn a new craft or game as a family!

Please let me know if you have any tried and tested ways to relax. Maybe you could share them with me! By commenting below.