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Creating your own calm!

My name is Emma King (some know me as Emmy) and I am founder of Empathy Holistic Buddies! Our mission is to help you to create your own calm for you, your family or business to calm you down, uplift your senses and refocus through our face to face and virtual relaxation sessions and products.

I have over 10 years experience working as a trained aromatherapist, massage therapist and Massage In Schools instructor. This has helped me to create sessions and products that will help you to Calm down better as a family or organisation. I can tailor your experience so that you get the session or handmade product that is right for you.

As a Mummy I know how important wellbeing is within a household, looking after the parents has a ripple effect onto the child.”

Are you a busy parent, professional or remote worker? Do you think you are too busy to relax?

Here at Empathy Holistic Buddies we may have the ideal package or product for you, to help to create your own small corner of calm as a family or organisation. The Buddies and I have created several virtual and face to face sessions to help you to calm down, uplift your moods and to refocus your minds through Baby Buddies Spa, Create Calm Sessions, Calm & Create Buddies, Nursery Calm, School Calm and Virtual Spa @ Home

As I run a small business I have learnt how important community and helping others has been in the past few years. I wanted to team up with a few other small businesses within the health professions. Their links can be found on our Buddies Links. Please share the kindness and visit these affiliated businesses and show them some love and support too.

“Create your own calm”

Book your place now to avoid disappointment! Looking forward to meeting you all virtually or face to face.

If you can’t find what you are looking for please do contact me and I would be happy to bespoke a relaxation or well-being package that suits your requirements as a family, workplace or organisation.

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Create your own calm with the Buddies, in trusting us with your email address we will give you 10% off your first order or session on booking!

Emma came to visit us this morning for a private at home session of Baby Buddies. She is a lovely lady and very passionate about what she does. I felt so relaxed with her. We are now ready to venture out and planning to attend her weekly sessions from next week” Laura, 2019

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