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I am Emma King and founder of Empathy Holistics, I provide virtual wellbeing and relaxation sessions for the whole family and organisation.
My collection of sessions known as ‘Empathy Holistic Buddies‘ are for all ages and abilities from birth to 100 years of age. We will relax together through relaxation stories, multi sensory play, peer massage, songs and more. For the slightly more mature age groups I can offer creative Buddies sessions where you can create a bespoke gift kit to suit your needs to include essential oil blends and creams, just for you. Or a Relaxation Buddies session of guided visualisations, basic stretches, breathing techniques and more.

As a mummy to Benjamin I know how important wellbeing is within a household. Looking after the parents has a ripple effect to the child.

I can also bespoke a package to suit your business needs. Helping employees feel more relaxed especially through the busy times for example when project deadlines are due.

(All sessions are now virtual and face to face, please contact Emma via the Empathy Holistic Buddies events page)

Aroma Buddies (Handmade Products) a variety of specially blended hand made oil and cream blends tailored for your own needs! Gift kits are also available for the whole family.  Each kit includes a link to an online session.

Baby Buddies (0-18 months) This session incorporates baby massage, songs and multi-sensory play to aid bonding, reducing infant conditions such as colic, digestive complaints, teething. Also aids natural sleeping pattern!

Calm Buddies (2 – 4 years)  allows tots, parents and nursery workers to experience age appropriate relaxation through massage stories, songs, stretches and a simple mindful craft.

Mindful Buddies (5-16 years) the aim of this session is to allow young people the opportunity to relax through breathing techniques, peer massage, affirmations and to explore a mindful craft.

Parent Buddies (Pregnancy Massage and Relaxation Workshop) This session allows parents to provide a wide range of holistic treatments including the use of aromatherapy oils and massage to relieve stress and other medical conditions. Emma also offers hopi ear treatments, holistic massage, pregnancy massage!

Relax Buddies (16 years – Adult) within this session you will learn coping strategies to help you to reduce stress and lower anxieties to include: candle gazing, simple stretches, guided meditations, self hand and head massage! This session would go well with the “Spa at Home” gift kit.

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Book your place now to avoid disappointment! Looking forward to meeting you all virtually or face to face.

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