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Hello everyone,

The Empathy Holistic Buddies are a collection of ‘cuddly’ creatures Buddies Adventure Podcast, who come to life through my virtual relaxation adventure sessions and handmade products. Each session is led by me, Emma King. I am a trained aromatherapist (Virtual Aromatherapist) for over 10 years.

Trained adult tutor,

Massage In Schools Instructor

Currently training to offer children’s yoga to families and organisations!

The sessions and products were all created to help families and organisations such as school’s, nurseries and workplaces to look after their physical, emotional and mental health and well-being during the past years events; calming the chaos and reconnecting families!

“As a Mummy I know how important wellbeing is within a household, looking after the parents has a ripple effect onto the child.”

My collection of sessions known as ‘Empathy Holistic Buddies‘ are for all ages and abilities from birth to 100 years of age these include Aroma Buddies, After – School Buddies (virtual), Baby Buddies, Nursery Calm Buddies, School Relax Buddies and Workplace Buddies. Not to mention my therapeutically blended with essential oils to suit all your family requirements. They all incorporate relaxation techniques, aromatherapy massage techniques, self-care techniques and multi-sensory techniques will also be used throughout my virtual sessions.

As I run a small business I have learnt how important community and helping others has been in the past few years. I wanted to team up with a few other small businesses within the health professions. Their links can be found on our ‘Buddies Links’ page. Please show these other business some love and support.

Please contact me via the Empathy Holistic Buddies events page or by emailing me on:, thank you.

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Book your place now to avoid disappointment! Looking forward to meeting you all virtually or face to face.

If you can’t find what you are looking for please do contact me and I would be happy to bespoke a relaxation or well-being package that suits your requirements as a family, workplace or organisation.

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