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School Relax

Emma is also qualified as an instructor to work within educational establishments. The Massage In Schools Program has a mission statement: to provide high quality and professional training to all teachers and caring adults willing to bring nurturing touch into schools. This program consists of peer massage where the children will be fully clothed. The instructor would ask permission of the class teacher or teachers’ assistant to show them the massage routine, while the rest of the class watch and copy the strokes. At no point would the instructor touch an individual child, if any individual is having difficulty in learning the routine the instructor would show them how to do it in the air. The next part of the program is to get positive touch into the curriculum for example when working on literacy and numeracy making it fun to learn. This would be done by working with the class teacher to incorporate touch activities into the class time. The instructor is able to carry out the program with children between the ages of 4-12 years of age. The instructor would obviously need to be CRB checked. The benefits of the MISP for the teachers, children and the whole school community & Society: (these benefits have been seen and proven)


· Boosts the child’s self-esteem

· Improves playground behaviour

· Feel good factor

· Increases happiness

· Respect for others and oneself

· Improve peer relationships

· Relaxation, time out from being assessed




· The teacher can plan work effectively

· Motivates the teacher

· 2 way respect

· Settled class, enables teachers to build relationships with individual children

· Helps teacher to achieve targets

· Increases their self-esteem, positive feeling in the room, teacher’s serotonin levels




School community

· The school is more popular when parents are choosing schools

· Equality - every child can do this.

· Happier space

· Reduce costs of extra support for children with special needs

· Less violence/ bullying

· Parents involvement in school increases




· Less stressed culture with greater self-esteem

· Valuing boundaries

· Reduction in teenage pregnancies

· Helps to build family values

· Greater respect for others.

· Less violence i.e gang cultures.

This has worked for a school in Bolton I have been recently incorporating this programme


into the classroom with very positive effects.

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