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Parent & Baby Relax

Pregnancy Relax Sessions

When you are pregnant your body is going through a lot of changes not only physically but on an emotional level.  Pregnancy massage can be very beneficial to both you and your unborn baby.  Emma always uses safe oils in regards to the safety of both you and your baby. Emma also blends her own oils and creams herself you will know they have been tailor-made to suit you and your circumstances! You can find out more on Emma's Folksy shop
(labour survival kit), you can block-book sessions if you wish.  Emma also offers group sessions in the form of a relaxation workshop!

A great gift at a baby shower as gift vouchers are available!

Baby Relax Sessions

Whether you are a new parent, guardian or carer, of for second or third time, this course may suit your needs. As babies grow so fast, this time together is precious.  There are also alot alterations needed in our own lives when a new baby comes along this may bring unwanted stress. 
Baby Relax  allows you to feel in control and uplifted, I hope to equip you with some new ideas that may help your child relax more not only as an infant but throughout their childhood.
 Emma wanted to create a course that would incorporate:

·     a few simple baby massage techniques
·     relaxation techniques for the adults
·     a means of educating parents about different ways to alleviate childhood conditions i.e.    colic, baby eczema, poor sleep patterns etc
·     use of oil blends for the adults to help with stress, tension and lack of sleep
 A lovely way to relax and bond with your baby, sessions are run by Emma from Empathy Holistics who will show you massage and relaxation tips for both you and baby; sessions are £20 for 4 weeks at MySensability, Back Market Street, Bury, sessions to be arranged: call Sarah on 0161 637 0069
 This course can also be run in the comfort of your own living room if your baby has been in special care or intensive care for the beginning of their lives. Bonding can often be difficult due to wires, oxygen tubes and incubators being present.  If you have a group of Mums, Dads or carers who would be able to get together at someone's home, you can be a host for a Baby Relax session and you get your session free. If you are interested please call Emma on: 07913708419 

Toddler Relax

It is important that your toddler has time to stop and relax, they are doing so much growing at the moment. Everything in the world stimulates them and they can find it difficult to switch off at the end of the day.

As a mother myself I am always on the look out for ways for our toddler to relax.  I have created a session which enables you both to relax.  "Toddler Relax" is all about taking your toddler on a journey of relaxation with their favourite cuddly toy.  Watch them travel along through bubbles, relaxing music, parachute relaxation and sleepy stories.  This session takes place in a soft multi-sensory room.  A great session for 18 months-3 yrs of age.

First session is on the 11th April at 11 am, £4 per toddler and time to chill out after the session alongside bubble tubes, soothing lights, a waterbed and fibrobtic lights!  At My Sensability, Bury call Sarah on: 0161 637 0069

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